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So you've seen omg_naruto. You've seen omg_symphonia. And I'm sure you've seen others. And now, you've stumbled upon OMG Oversoul!, the newest crack community on LJ. ...I think. :D;

Basically, this is a Shaman King roleplay. Except instead of just the normal cast of the show, there will be out-of-character clones of each cast member as well. There's really no explanation as to how this happened.. it's just for the purpose of silly humor.

To apply, you'll have to comment in the first post in the community journal, but I'd like to ask you to read the rules first.. since this may be sort of a confusing concept, there may be some things in here that will help you figure out what's going on. ^_~


1. This RP will be AU. Meaning, alternate universe. It doesn't necessarily follow the plot of the Shaman King anime or manga, so we'll probably develop a completely different story as we go along.

2. There will be an in-character and an out-of-character version of each character. IC Yoh and OOC Yoh are not the same person.. They are two separate people and will be played by different RPers. Unless of course, you want to apply for the IC and OOC version of one character.. but it's more fun if you have someone else playing your clone. ^_~

If you want to play an OOC version of a character.. all you really have to do is act how the real character would NEVER act; for example, Anna being affectionate and bringing home flowers for Yoh, or Jeanne robbing banks and kicking over baby carriages. Leave that to your imagination.. OOC characters can be really fun to play.

3. Apply for your character in the first community post, using the application form below the rules. That's easy, right? At the part in the application where it says "Yomigaere!", please write "Oversoul!" so I know you read the rules.

Also, you may have a max of two characters. It doesn't have to be one IC and one OOC if you don't want, either.. you can have two IC charas or two OOC.

4. Check out the list of characters first to see if the chara you want isn't already taken.

5. You must make a journal for your character if and when you get accepted. You may join the community as your main LJ if you want to keep track of it, but please make your character journal and join the community as them too.

6. No fighting with the other members. In character fighting for the story is fine, but I don't want any drama between real people. This is supposed to be fun! :D So if you have a problem, please email me at lyserg_loves_marco@hotmail.com. As the community moderator, I'll do my best to sort out your problems.

7. Have fun! This is for entertainment only, so make sure you enjoy yourself! I'll also do my best to make sure every character has something to do with the story, so nobody will ever be left out.. and if you are, please let us know so we can get you in on everything! This is a community, which means it won't work if not everyone is having fun.

So that's about it. If you think you're ready to join, fill out this application form and post it as a comment in the first community post.

Your Name (nickname or real) -
The Character you're applying for -
Your LJ Username -
Your AIM Screen Name (if you have one) -
Your MSN email (if you have one) -
Yomigaere! -
A short sample post as your character -

Character List

IC Yoh: moonlit_curse @ _fungafufu
OOC Yoh: aisutenshi @ bitchy_bottom
IC Anna: clarinetkoko @ itakoqueen
OOC Anna: lucathia_rykatu @ lovesick_anna
IC Manta: oyamadayoh @ shockphilosophy
OOC Manta: roronoazoro @ worldclassditz
IC Ryu:
OOC Ryu:
IC Ren: dollhouse__x @ mercilesspwnage
OOC Ren: chasingthewinds @ emocutiepie
IC Jun:
OOC Jun: intimidat3d
IC Horohoro: kcst @ lovableainukid
OOC Horohoro: oyamadayoh @ pavetheice
IC Lyserg: renabunny42 @ lamide_san
OOC Lyserg: vriska @ i_heart_hao
IC Chocolove:
OOC Chocolove: roronoazoro @ stoic_clown
IC Hao: li_bii @ your_shamanking
OOC Hao: mankin_rp @ hao_ooc
IC Jeanne:
OOC Jeanne: dollhouse__x @ babygirl_wild
IC Marco:
OOC Marco: yomigaere @ __tsumibukai
IC Marion:
OOC Marion: rainy_luna @ pinkliekwoah
IC Tamao: moonlit_curse @ fyuchaayogensha
OOC Tamao: chasingthewinds @ pinkseductress
IC Pirika:
OOC Pirika: rainy_luna @ smackhead_piri
IC Silva:
OOC Silva: _casinoqueen

If there's any characters that I haven't put on my list, go ahead and apply for them and I'll put them up. I've pretty much just listed the basic Mankin characters, but there are lots more and I'm sure the list will become much bigger. Also if you've been missed, let me know so I can add you <3

Have fun, everyone, and don't hesitate to leave a comment or email me if you have any questions! ^^

~ Community Mod, vriska